Whole Hop Cones AVAILABLE - September 2016

Northern Girls Hopyard near Darwell, Alberta
had a bumped 2016 hop harvest in mid-September.

We are proud to announce the autumn availability of our Alberta grown hops.

It is very exciting for us to provide a local option full of northern terroir for commercial craft brewers in Alberta. The 2016 harvest marks the first full year of maturity for our 4 year old hopyard. We were excited to see the quality and quantity that 4 years of growth and 4 years of accumulated grower experience brought to our hops this year.

We are sold out of Golding and Cascade for 2016. The hop varieties we still have on offer are Centennial and Sterling.


2016 Whole Hop Cones are still available to order. Please send us an email if you are interested.

Recent analysis of α-acid and β-acid contents are below:

2016 Hop Analysis
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2014 Hop Analysis


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