American aroma hop. α-acid: 4.5-7.0%. β-acid: 4.8-7.0%. Floral, spicy, citrusy aroma, slight aroma of grapefruit. Good for American pale ales. Developed in US in 1971.


Uniquely floral. α-acid: 9.5-11.5%. β-acid: 3.5-4.5%. Often referred to as "super Cascade." More floral but less citrusy aroma than Centennial. Good for ales and wheat beer. Developed in US in 1990.


Traditional English aroma. α-acid: 4.0-6.0%. β-acid: 2.0-3.0%. Mild spicy sweet aroma. Good for English-style beers. Originated in England in 1790.


English essence. Earthy aroma but less sweet than Golding. α-acid: 3.0-5.6%. β-acid: 1.5-2.0%. Good for English-style ales. Originated in England in 1875.


Saaz characteristic. Herbal, spicy, and citrusy aroma. α-acid: 9.5-11.5%. β-acid: 1.5-2.0%. Often used in largers and pilsners. Developed in US in 1998.

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Hopyard in full bloom.


Catherine and Karin.


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Northern Girls Hopyard

2014 was our inaugural crop producing year. The yard is currently 0.77 acres in size and home to five organically grown varieties: Cascade, Centennial, Fuggle, Golding, and Sterling.